Do you have the ability to dream up imaginative stories that you feel children will enjoy? Do you wish you could pluck out these stories from your head and create a story that many can hold in their hands? Writing a children’s book isn’t as difficult as you think. All you really need is an idea, a bit of imagination, a plan and some ingenuity.

A Custom Book cover design about a vacuum cleaner that was made to be menacing but also kid friendly, in vector formatOne of the first things you should do is some research. Read other children’s book and get a feel for their art work as well. When you are writing a children’s book, you want to make sure that they artwork you choose complements the story. Do research on seeking illustrators and artists on helping create visual aids to your story. If hiring a professional is not in your budget seek out family or friends who may have artistic talent. They may even know of someone who is looking for their illustrating start as well.


Next you should write down your story. You can start with jotting your ideas on a notebook such as who is the main character, what is the central conflict and what will be the resolution. Remember that if you decided to create a full picture book much of the story is within the picture which will require lots of illustration and color. This will cost a bit more. Though text may be limited, make sure it is both good and original. Consider writing a story that conveys a good and positive message. These are popular among children.

This is a book about a boy who uses his imagination with his dog to think about being a highwire performer when sick

Be aware of the age of the children you are writing for. The vocabulary and sentence structure should be one that they will understand and follow. But remember to not to
underestimate your reader. If you do so, you may run the risk of them becoming easily bored with your book. Be sure to keep the content up to date. Children do know what is current and even though they may be young, they do follow trend. When you can write for a generation in a context that they love, it comes across as genuine and they will want to continue reading more.

Always revise and re-read your work. Show your work to family and friends and take their feedback whether good or bad as learning opportunities to make your story better. When you feel that your book has been edited to the best of your ability you can publish in a variety of ways. You can self-publish where you do your own marketing and selling of your book. You can find a literary agent which will help get your book published in a traditional publishing house. Another route to go is to publish to give as a gift. Writing a children’s book is a huge accomplishment and can be something special to share with your own special little people.

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  1. Jen

    It has always been a dream of mine to write a children’s book. I can never wrap my imagination around my ideas, though; I do much better in contemporary fiction. Thanks for a wonderful post. I’m going to bookmark it for future reference.

  2. Angela Naomi

    I’ve written 1 children’s book. It was for a class project when I was in high school. After reading this tips, I think it’s time to blow the dust off it and revise it. Writing for children isn’t difficult, but these tips will help anyone stay on the right path. There is a big market for children’s books. I think there is room for everyone. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Jennifer Houst

    I can recall as a kid being a huge reader and always having a book nearby. It was hard for me to transition to chapter books because I adored all the illustrations and still do today as an adult. These tips are great because they not only apply to writing children’s books but books in general.


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