A book about a vampire born with no fangs who grows up to learn that sometimes being different is what makes you great! The story starts when a boy is born to two vampires but he has no fangs. Through his life and especially at school he has problems because he is not like everyone else. The kids tease him and set him up to fail in many ways. Near the end of the story the village needs to reach out to the humans but the humans are all scared of vampires. This is the perfect opportunity for Victor the Toothless Vampire to become a delegate for the village to the humans. I created sketches then color illustrations in CMKY for print. I liked this project and was able to Illustrate full spread (across both pages) without text inlay.

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  1. Carrie

    This looks like a fun book. I like the concept and the illustrations are great. Looks like it would be a perfect book for Halloween or any time of the year.

  2. Andrea Robinson

    Your little werewolves will LOVE this book! The illustrations are so adorable! They make vampires understandable as people with differences! And artwork like this can literally change the way kids see things – and change the world as a result.

    Thank you for showing us such beautifully illustrated work! I’m going to use you for the next children’s book I do!


  3. Amy Satori

    What a cute idea! And the illustrations are so realistic. Fantastic depiction of what it would be like from all angles. I want to read it!

  4. Kelly

    Very fun and colourful! My cousins would love this book – I’m thinking it might be a great little present for Halloween in fact. I love the illustrations and the overall concept is great. Thanks again for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. Lynn

    What a cute story and you did an amazing job with the illustrations. It’s clear to see that you love what you do!

  6. Scott

    What a lovely story and this is just amazing work! Excellent shading skills and a great sense of perception. Thanks again for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


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