tim2Timothy – Author

It was that one on one relationship that we established from the very beginning. And I’ve done a lot of business that way where I get a good sense of his ethics by talking to him. I looked at his sample work and I just had a good feeling about him.

One of the best things was when we had some issues that needed to be revised, Toby jumped right in there. After the sale, after money has exchanged hands. That means everything in the world; when a man will stand behind his product or his service.

I have a good feeling about working with you. Obviously we’re on our second book with you. This is a definite match. What I would say is if you are looking for a good illustrator, that stands behind his work, this is the place to be.

childrens-book-artist-cathyCatherine – Author

You returned my phone calls and emails. You answered my questions. You listened and you understood my needs. You developed a solution so that I could get my results in the price range that I was in.

What I liked about the website is that you could navigate right through it and it shows your work really well. A wonderful portfolio, except that it’s even better because you have that pricing structure laid out for us where we could understand if you want this much illustration, this is the price. If you want this much detail, add on to this.

You helped me out so much it was hard to put into words.

childrens-book-authorEric K. – Author

Two things. One is yourself again Toby. I find it very easy. I don’t have any stress with it. I think we’re on the same page when we talk and when you do things. And then the other thing is your work. Your work speaks for itself. Everything that I send you, you send back to me and it is better than I could ever have imagined.

I just think that speaking with you Toby, I think that you are your best asset. And I just think that being able to work with someone and being able to know that you can trust that person and that you’re going to get what you are paying for.

book-author-edEd F. – Education Professional

I went to the Internet and typed in a few words that I thought would help me find some graphics for some seminar materials that I use and I looked at two or three and then I came across this website. It was the most interesting and the easiest to use. I never looked at another website. I’m just glad I found you early.

Well there are two things that stand out way above everything else. One is somebody had to take words and create something that when you looked at it you would be surprised, you would feel intrigued, you would be super interested to know what was going to happen next. And somehow, just sending you words and descriptions and some adjectives, out of your head or somewhere you created a graphic that I could use. The second thing is, it was quick. You always responded within a day and made every adjustment that I ever suggested. To me those two things, to be able to be unique and quick and I guess if I had to add a third I think the pricing of the services and the hours and the time that you gave me was so fair. I would never ask or try to go to anybody else.

When a person isn’t sure of what it is they want. If they knew that on the other end someone was as versatile and as interested and as involved as you are personally, it would change the uneasiness, change the fear factor – like what in the world am I getting into. So, my best advice is always give this website, give you a chance. And since there was never an obligation, I never felt pinned in the corner. And was just surprised at how quickly you were able to zero in on what I wanted.

It’s amazing how quickly and how personally you can have any of your needs met. At least from my point of view, I’ve been trying for thirty years to get good graphics to go with things that I do in seminars. So I would say to anybody, give Toby a chance.

Call 1 (800) 459-7145 or Email me

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  1. Debbie Nelms

    Toby just finished illustrations for my very first book. A children’s book that’s very special, as it’s a story I made up and told my daughter when she was little . She wanted curly hair, so I’d braid it after her bath. This story kept her still being new at this, I was totally clueless. Toby was so patient and responsive. I asked for many changes as it evolved! Seeing your thoughts come to life on paper and in color was amazing. He really is everything he advertises on his site. Extraordinarily talented. Cost transparent too, no surprises. I hope I can someday do another and work with him again!

  2. ilonka graf

    I just finished working with Toby and wanted to say that he was a pleasure to deal with. Because this was my first time looking for an illustrator, you can imagine my trepidation wondering whether or not I made the right choice. However, I never had to wonder if I was going to hear back from him, always responded quickly and most importantly, I never second guessed my decision to work with him. He is professional and very talented indeed. I would recommend him to anyone thinking of getting their book illustrated.

  3. Tamara M. Lucas

    I worked with Toby on my 20 year story that final was put to paper two years ago. Toby was incredible to work with. I can’t say enough about his patience, creativity and willingness to hold my hand through the self-publication process. He took a person that had a dream and turned it into a reality. I had no idea how to navigate the self-publishing world and he handled everything for me. In addition to handling the publishing details he is highly creative and his work speaks for itself. On a scale of 1 to 10 he is an 11 in a world that has far too many 5.


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