Picture book art of a girl trying to hide in a dumpsterJust like every other good book, children’s books have significant sales and are rated among top selling books. Every child loves to hear good stories and has them to read. You can come up with interesting stories to tell your kids, which I’m sure they will love and always ask for more.
It’s obvious that books published with children’s interest in mind can captivate their attention. Features like glitters, holograms and pop-ups will help to get them easily delighted. These additional features have helped the children’s book niche to soar high.

Back then, book publishers used to be the ones publishing children’s books; but now, it is easy for almost everybody to self-publish these books by using modern technologies available to them. However, only hard copies are sold while electronic versions have become popular. You could generate your illustrations to explain what you’ve written using free programs like Gimp. And of course, if you are having a problem with graphics, contact someone to help you out in this area at no cost. If finding someone to assist you at no cost becomes an issue, then you can now look for a good graphic designer around you who is willing to help at a cost lower than that of a professional. You can as well think of canvassing at colleges or local high schools near you.
Today, you can produce your manuscript electronically using several formats; the cheapest and simplest among them is the PDF file. This format allows you to sell from your website. Payment methods like PayPal would help such a business thrive, and creating a website for this purpose will not be as difficult as it was some years back.

A large number of authors use Amazon Kindle as their preferred choice of delivery. The Kindle Reader is also a good format to self-publish your children’s books because it gives you the opportunity to sell your books on the Amazon platform. Amazon, through its power, gives you access to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people that may be interested in your books.
Advertising on a relatively cheap budget is another means to self-publish your books. You need a website for this purpose. A simple site is not costly to develop these days; less than $9 per month is what you need to host it. You could also build your site on a WordPress platform which you could download freely. Just a little research will help you learn how to install a beautiful theme and create your site by putting contents and updating them regularly.

The most difficult part of website campaign is getting traffic. Since you love to write, you should find other sites like blogs related to children and submit your books to them. You might not get a dime for those articles, but you are most likely to get a valuable backlink to your website.
Mybookillustrator.com is a great place to submit your articles alongside other article directories. When using the ‘resource box’, don’t describe yourself, but rather use it as a call to action to click on a link you provide, which will take the reader to your website.

Picture book art for a booka bout a girl hiding in the closet
There are several ideas you could use to create articles. Other intending authors may be outsourcing information on how to self-publish books. You could write a “how-to” on what you did to publish your book. Perhaps you could write some articles on the subject of your book.
We are moving away from the present book publishing methods because it is less expensive now for individuals to publish their works. You can also participate in this progression and with some labor;  Publish children’s books by yourself today!

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  1. Kelly

    I love your illustrations, especially the one that you’ve used in this article. It really depicts what it’s like to be a child. Actually, I feel like I can relate Adina at the moment – I’ve moved back in with my parents and finding it hard to find my own space. Great article as well.

  2. Anansi

    Self-Publishing is a great way for a writer of any level to make money from on Amazon Kindle. If you haven’t sold a single item on the amazing Amazon platform you are missing out on life. I have had the opportunity to sale a few different items on the site, and it was the greatest thrill I have had in a long time. I did what some big Amazon sellers call retail arbitrage (buying products at or below cost and selling them online for a profit) and it was awesome. Buying some simple work out gloves for $2.00 and turning around and putting them on Amazon for $10.98 was the best. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to make money as a Amazon Seller, but you do have to have some staying power about yourself. To bring my comment full circle I would advise any writer to self-publish their own book, and gamble on yourself. Believe it or not but it’s some people making six and seven figures using the method described in this beautiful article a person can make $600 – $6,000 from one book and only spend $400 of their own money. If I told you that you can make $200+ from publishing your own 99 cent book. It’s a start, and you keep building on top of each book as you go.

  3. Angela Naomi

    I chose self-publishing for my 1st book because I felt I had more freedom on how to market it and what content stayed in the book. You’re right about generating the traffic to your website or sales pages. That is key!! Your other blog post about marketing a book is a good follow-up to this one. Self-publishing is my preferred choice and I will do it again when I write other books

  4. Jennifer Houst

    I can definitely attest for Amazon Publishing, published one of my very first eBooks on there and was pleasantly surprised on how simple it was for me, a beginner, to get started and get the ball rolling. There are however very many other options to look into. Great, informative article.

  5. Kay

    I feel like self publishing is the way to go. It’s so easy to do now versus the past. The internet has changed everything. Getting traffic to the website would be the biggest thing for me. I’m trying to create a landing page that has just enough information that allows the parents to make a purchase. I’m going to start using Mybookillustrator.com to put out content and promote also. Thanks for this!


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