This is the story of Saba Boo. He is a boy who has a great adventure before breakfast and his mother cant believe what happened. My client wanted to have the look of my other work but with a bit more of a traditional look. We decided to create it in Adobe Illustrator but use a lot of gradient meshes to give it a softer, almost watercolor feel. I really enjoyed working on this book and bringing this story to life.

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  1. Jamie Adair

    These illustrations have a different look that most of your other work which is what made this post stand out in particular to me. The neutral earthy tones and the gradient usage really do wonders for setting a tone for this story. Its great that you were able to deliver the idea that your customer was trying to communicate. It looks so good!

  2. zen

    You really know how to make a illustration feel so warm and inviting. Excellent work. It looks so good!


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