Many children’s book authors miss out on a great opportunity when it comes to translated versions of their book. Publishing your book in an array of different languages can help open up a lot of different markets. There are a ton of reasons to take the time and make the investment in making your tale available in many different tongues.

Wider Market
Obviously your book will be available to a wider market once it’s published in multiple languages. You can begin to advertise it in many different countries. If your book is already available on Amazon in multiple different non-English speaking countries, chances are there are readers who are interested in it, but may be passing it up because it is only available in English. It can definitely be worth it to translate your book into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian- any the many other popular languages spoken around the world.

Translation Is A Small Investment Compared To Return
Of course, translating your book is going to take a little bit of money. You’re going to have to pay someone to change the language if you yourself are not familiar with it. With that being said, think of it as a return investment. You’re going to put money into changing the language, but that new version of the book could bring you in two-times, eight-times, a hundred-times the income you used to translate it.

Ability To Reach Special American Markets
Aside from reaching international shores with your story, you’ll also open up new opportunities for your book in America. Many American foriegn-language classes are always looking for books that they can read with their students in a different language (that also have an English version). Once you have your book translated you can market it as a perfect addition to many different language curriculums in the US.

Translating your book isn’t the right path for everyone, but if it’s something you’ve never considered it may be a good thing to take a look at. If you have a story that could appeal to a certain area of the world with non-English speakers, then you have a chance at drawing in even more income with your translated work.

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  1. Jen

    Interesting topic. I was considering this for my first book, but wasn’t sure if Amazon did it for you. I may go ahead and do it anyway. It seems like it would be worth it to reach a bigger audience.

  2. Anansi

    Marketing your book across different languages is ideal for any writer. If you want to maximize your earning potential on your self-published book then having it available in multiple languages is the way to go. As I mentioned in my comment about “Self-Publishing books” on Amazon you have a international platform to now reach parts of the world that otherwise you wouldn’t have. Amazon has quickly become more recognizable around the world than Walmart with not as much over-head. When companies have brick & mortar stores they have to sale products 3 to 6 times more than they paid for the product. On Amazon consumers can get the lowest price for a product. Authors/Sellers (Average Everyday People” can make as much money from Amazon as the vendors at Walmart.

  3. Angela Naomi

    Yes! Maximize your potential. And marketing worldwide will also encourage people to learn different languages. Children across the world read books. I highly recommend tapping into the international markets and translating the book(s) into different languages to distribute to your home country. There are many websites that distribute globally and can easily get the book out across the world.


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