People often say that you have to be talented enough to pull out a job successfully. But you should know that talent is only 1% of your success. The other 99% is your hard work. So you need to stop underestimating yourself that you cannot pull out a book cover design on your own. If you are hard working in this field, you can even become a guru describing book cover design tips to others. In order to help your knowledge of book cover designs, here are some book cover design tips for you:

Easy But Elegant Title

As your book cover is the most important marketing tool for you, you must make it elegant, catchy and easy to understand. You often hear tips that the shorter your book title is, the more readers will be attracted to your book. Yes, this is true but you need to make sure that your title gives full information of your book niche.

Use a Thumbnail Image

Do you know images attract more than that of words? Let me explain. When you are browsing, you are more prone to open pages which have pictures than the pages which only have content in it. It is the natural instinct of human beings. This is also in the best interest of your marketing campaigns. When you put your book on sale, people are most likely to buy it from a mobile device. Their decision heavily depends upon the first image they see of your book and if it catches their attention, they are mostly likely to buy it right away. In order to make book cover interesting for the readers, you need to use captivating, beautiful and fascinating thumbnail image which can catch people’s attention instantly. It will be a nice idea if you are using grayscale to craft your book cover image.

A Custom Book cover design about a vacuum cleaner that was made to be menacing but also kid friendly, in vector format

Use Symbolic Book Cover Design

“Don’t give away the farm in one slot” Play your game slow and steady.
I told you earlier that you need to pick a title which explains your book in a fascinating manner. But don’t ever give all the information about your book in your title. Doing so will make your book boring and uninteresting for the readers. Try a title which is catchy as well as symbolic in nature. Children are always interested in stories. They wait while you complete your story. This is another natural instinct of human beings which you need to use here intelligently. Try to gain attention of the reader by symbolizing your book niche in an interesting way which compels them to buy your book to read the full story.

This is a custom book cover about Herbie the flying car can be edited and scaled for any publishing or print use

Don’t Research Unless You Have to

Your book design should always be unique. I advise you not to research online to get ideas initially. Try to come up with your own. The Human mind is brilliant and unique. I am sure you can come up with an original idea that can really boost the marketing of your book. However, if you are having a bad day and cannot have enough ideas to craft an enthralling book cover, you should ask others to give a vague idea. You can take their ideas as an inspiration for your book cover.
If you’re still having problems in crafting your book cover design, you can research on the internet to see how other people are designing their book covers and what are the factors interesting to the readers. This should always be your final option. We are living in a digital world now and when we don’t know something, we always Google it to know about it. But this is heavily damaging our thinking capability. We are now thinking more objectively than subjectively. For internet research, I should advise you here that you should just take an inspiration from it. Don’t try to copy them. Just understand what they have to say in their book cover designs and how they are doing it.

Take Care of Technicalities

No matter you are a writer and may not know about the technicalities of the paper, it is inevitable that you would stay cautious. For instance, if you have made a short, symbolic and catchy title for your book cover, it will not work unless you are using an appropriate font. It would definitely a blunder for you to use “Times New Roman” on your book cover page. This particular font can be good in writing on Microsoft Office but it is definitely not appropriate for most book covers. For this purpose, it is highly recommended that you use Papyrus or Comic Sans especially if your book is humorous.

I know of several websites that offer free fonts. You must read the specific details contained in the font regarding rights of use. A website that I use often is Font Squirrel. 
Similarly, one of the important technical mistakes is styling your cover page weirdly. There should never be more than 2 fonts in your cover page. Otherwise, your cover page will look like a styling disaster regardless of how eye-catching and attractive the title of your book is. Sometimes, you cannot help using options such as caps and italics etc while finalizing your book cover title. Please don’t do it. Make your title simple as well as easy to be read and understood by the readers.

“My Book, My Rules”

Yes, it is your book and you have the right to do everything you want. But this rule will work only if you don’t want others to read your book. In simple words, you can do it for your personal books. However, if you’re writing a book for commercial use, you are required to follow the interests and disinterests of your target readers and you always have to come up with an idea for your book cover which attracts your readers. If you don’t do it, it will definitely be a commercial disaster. You cannot choose the font size you like on a personal level but you have to choose the font size liked by your readers. The same logic is true for the content inside the book.

2 Responses

  1. Jen

    A lot of great advice here. What stuck out to me to me most were the images. When I read books to my nieces years ago, they loved books with big images on the pages. It drew in their attention to the children’s book I was reading them. They have to be placed well in the story otherwise I thinks it confuses the reader.

  2. Angela Naomi

    I’m not an illustrator, but as a consumer, I can agree with you fully. I remember being a kid and going to the library or bookstore and my parents would let me choose a book. The cover art is what would attract me first. Books with a simple background and a title didn’t stand out as much. I was drawn to characters or scenery. Images are what attracts buyers and a lot of careful thought must go into creating a cover.


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