At least once a week I receive an email from someone asking how to become a children’s book artist.

The best advice that I can give is that all artists can be picture book artists. A children’s book is a series of drawings or paintings that go along with a story. There are things to know about printing and formatting and sizing, but first and most of all it is about the art. Once you can draw one scene, you can draw them all.

Work can be done in traditional mediums as long as it is scanned well. I recommend 300 dpi resolution for nice printing.

When the image goes to the edge of the page the printer will want what is called a bleed. Each printer is different, but most recommend .25″ on each side of overlap. This part of the picture will be cut off ensuring that there are no white lines when the cutting is off my a bit here or there.

Most publishers will accept a multi-page PDF and want the cover separately. You can also set up the book in a program like Adobe In-Design.


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  1. Christy B.

    Thank you for this information. My daughter is an artist and we have been considering working together on a children’s book. Neither of us is quite sure where to start. I wasn’t aware that you could just scan the artwork. I thought there was something more high-tech involved. We’ll have to look into Adobe In-Design as well as locate a good printer.

    This is all such new territory that it’s a bit intimidating. Thanks for the advice!


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