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Step 1:

Most authors prefer to start

with one Illustration.

Step 2:

I create sketches based on your story.

After the sketches are approved,

I detail and color

Step 3:

I send you all of your artwork in

print/upload ready format.

I work with you to upload your book

and make any adjustments.

From idea to marketplace do-it-yourself

everything in Orange I can do for you

Write your book
Edit your book
Copyright your book
Storyboard your book
Sketch your book
Illustrate your book
Purchase ISBN barcode
Add text and layout 
Create a print ready file

Answers to frequently asked questions;Color custom illustration of a tiger, peacock and elephant that are all friends this is a color cover illustration by Toby

  • I can Illustrate any page from a brief description and or sketch.
  • Most books are completed in about 30 days.
  • You own all the rights to the artwork and you retain ALL royalties.
  • I can place all the text for you and create a print ready version.
  • See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information!

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