Custom Book Cover Illustration

Book covers Illustrated from scratch for print and ebooks

This is the book cover by Toby Mikle about a boy who has trouble in school he learns to make good choices when he gets angry

Timmy Book Cover

This book was created for Dr. Ira Canada about a boy who has special needs. I really enjoyed this project because it...
This is a custom book cover about Herbie the flying car can be edited and scaled for any publishing or print use

Herbie the Helicar

It's a car! It's a plane! No! It's Herbie the Helicar! Traffic jams and fender benders don't worry this little red...
Custom Cover Illustration about boys in the Big Blue sea with whales and dolphins from sketches and revisions to final color

The Big Blue Sea

When you're having an adventure in the big blue sea, there are many things to discover! Lighthouses shine bright...
The book cover for the great big bear is a picture book for kids about safety the woods and also a learning book about bears

Great Big Bear Cover

Shhhhh! This is one bear you might not want to wake up! After all, he's so big that he made a hole in the ground...