There are so many fantastic reasons to publish a children’s coloring book. If you’ve written and already published a children’s book, adding a matching coloring book to your sales list can help draw in extra income from young fans of your other publication. Coloring books in general, even without a previous publication attached, can be a great source of extra income. You can also include a link directly to a PDF version of the coloring book from your website or blog as a giveaway to promote your book, website or program. But, there are a few key tips to keep in mind when publishing a children’s coloring book.


Custom coloring book pages created in Adobe Illustrator in high resolution vector format for clean easy to color pages

Find A Good Illustrator

The first and foremost single important job you have when publishing a children’s coloring book is to ensure that the illustrations are top quality. Find an illustrator who is familiar with creating coloring book illustrations and has a repetoire of satisfied customers. Not all artists are familiar with coloring book styles, and even the best illustrators cannot necessarily create appealing coloring book art. Find someone familiar with the techniques needed to achieve the best quality coloring book pages.

Relay Your Imagine Ideas Clearly

When working with your illustrator be sure to give detailed descriptions of the images you want. The pictures in this book are truly the center of attention and it’s important that you give clear and concise details to get the work you imagine.

Pick A Theme

Themed coloring books are much likelier to sell than any other kind. Holiday books specifically are very popular because they make great, affordable gift ideas. Other themes include animals, activities, and hobbies that can be personalized to different children. For instance if a child loves baseball, their parents are likely to buy them a baseball coloring book as a gift. Another popular theme for coloring books is making a ‘special coloring book’ that goes along with a previously published children’s book. This is a great marketing tool for the children’s book, and can draw in extra income efficiently.

Publish A Collection If Possible

If you do choose to publish a children’s book, publishing a collection of them is more likely to draw in sales. A collection of different sports themed books, or coloring books focusing on different areas of the world are more likely to be bought as a set. You’re likely to build sales more rapidly when you have more than one coloring book available in a specific collection.

Know Your Market

Choose your market right from the start. Some coloring book genres are going to appeal more to animal lovers, or girls, or boys, or sports addicts. Whatever the case, pick your topic and then know your market. You want images that are going to appeal to your targetted kids. If you have children who can ‘review’ images, you’re even more likely to pick the very best illustrations and guaranteed to create a book that fellow kids will also love.

Know Your Target Age Range

Different coloring books are going to appeal to different age ranges. Parents want something that is appropriate for their child’s coloring skills and interests. An ABC coloring book for toddlers should have larger and more easily-colored images that don’t require special motor skills. On the other hand a unicorn book for older girls should offer pictures suited for an older skill set. Knowing your target age range will help ensure your pictures are on point with what both kids and parents expect when they open up the cover.

Publishing a children’s coloring book can be very rewarding and fun- and it’s an artistic venture that can definitely pay back in earned income later on. Just be aware of a few key tips when you go into the publishing process and your coloring book venture will be a success.

Black and white Children's coloring book art here Barkley is in a variety of scenes this is a picture of all of the pages.

4 Responses

  1. Jim Liston

    Children’s coloring books have been around for a long time and are still very popular. With the computer software available now, you don’t have to be a great illustrator to create a good product. Your tips about knowing your market and target age group are very important. I also agree that choosing a theme and publishing a collection of books would be the best way to make your coloring books popular. Thanks for the great tips! I love your website and look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Janet Matt

    More and more schools are adopting the idea of children coloring book. Most children learn creative thinking through coloring books. 2 months ago, I was thinking of publishing a coloring book. But now I have a direction

    • myboo101

      I agree, and when your Illustrations are vector, like mine, you can easily create a coloring book version and a color version. The Coloring book version can be used for giveaways or even sold as a separate product. The PDF can also be downloaded from any website as a reason for visitors to come to your site and see your catalog of work.

  3. Angela Naomi

    I may be an adult, but I LOVE coloring books. I still get them for Christmas. A collection of coloring books is a genius idea! Children love continuation stories. I’m excited just thinking about a series of coloring books that simultaneously tells a story. Clear images is a huge factor too. Nothing worse than odd looking pictures or not being sure what to color. Great tips!


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