Many children’s book authors struggle to have their book seen. How can they find ways for readers to find their book? It’s all about being unique. Finding ways to stand out from the crowd. You want to get people excited about your book, and there are a few great ways to do that.

Chaddy Bad dream book cover

Chaddy Bad dream book cover

Parenting Blog Ads

If people are loyal readers of a specific parenting blog, they’re going to trust the ads that that blogger allows on their site. Contact your favorite parenting bloggers and ask they if they’d be willing to post an ad, or even write a guest post about your book. Parents are way more likely to read a book to their children if someone they follow and trust has suggested it.

Sell Sets With Toys

If your book has a main character that is a certain animal or object, find bulk stuffed lots of that specific animal or object and then sell your book as a ‘book set’ with a toy. Kids are way more likely to ask their parents to purchase a book if it comes with an extra prize. Package them nicely in gift sets and you’ll have aunts, uncles, and grandparents lining up for their chance to purchase one.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are often underrated when it comes to children’s book marketing, but there is definitely potential there. Make regular posts pertaining to your book. Is it being featured on a certain blog or are you doing a book signing in a town nearby? Keep your page updated. The more posts you make, the more posts that are shared, the more people you can find who want to buy and read your book.

Twitter Accounts

Once again, social media is not used often enough when it comes to marketing children’s books. Make a twitter account for your book, interact with people (always reply to @ replies), follow fellow authors and similar book pages, and just make friends. People want to buy your book if they like you as a person. And by interacting with readers, you’re building a fan base that will pay off in the long run.

Contact Independent Book Sellers

There are thousands of book sellers online. THOUSANDS. On eBay, on Etsy, on Storenvy, on Amazon. Search them out and take a moment to contact them about your book. Let them know where they can buy it at a discounted cost. You never know who will pick up your book to sell.

 Robby Rabbit Childrens book about a rabbit is supposed to buy a new coat but he spends the money on candy and feels guiltyList On Listia

Listia is a website a lot like eBay where everything is given away for free in exchange for credits. Hundreds of books are traded every day on the site. If you write up a provoking description and maybe even feature your book with a chance for it to be autographed you’ll grab thousands of Listia member’s attention- and maybe a few will buy your book outside of the site.

Do Goodreads Giveaways

Goodreads is the largest book marketing website online, and you NEED to get in on the action. Goodreads allows anyone on the site to giveaway books. You can giveaway yours for free. Goodreads will host the giveaway and then send you the addresses of the winners. It will stir up big buzz for your book and probably get you a few reviews from the winners.

Do Amazon Giveaways

Once again, Amazon giveaways are nearly as good as Goodreads ones. People love free stuff, and they love authors who giveaway free copies. If your book is lacking reviews, doing an Amazon giveaway can help get some much needed feedback posted ASAP.

Create a coloring book version

Creating a coloring book version of your book is a great way to use something that you already have and make a new product or giveaway. You can print and give away coloring books, sell them and offer them as a free PDF downloadable and printable at home as a great way to market your website and your product.

There are a lot of unique ways to market online, but get creative with your own ideas as well. You never know what will work until you try it!

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  1. Jen

    These are all awesome ideas. As an author, I have success with Amazon and Facebook. I also post my blog and on my Twitter. The more you are able to get yourself “out there” then the better chance you have at making sales.

  2. Jean

    These are fantastic ideas on how to market children’s books. Every author should try at least two or three in the list. I like the idea of bundling the books with toys and creating coloring books. That will definitely get the attention of kids. If I may add, authors should also participate in online book tours. It’s a great way to find book bloggers who can help spread the word about your book.

  3. Angela Naomi

    I agree 100%. I help small businesses and internet marketers with their marketing. There are so many ways to market without having to spend a lot of money. Some people may be reluctant to do giveaways, but this is a quick way to get your book out to the masses plus get good reviews. Also, you never know who someone knows. One free book could lead to hundreds of sales.


      Hi Angela,
      My wife has written a children’s book that has just been published and is available for purchase thru amazon, barnes&noble & kindle. I would like to know more about giveaways. We have posted on facebook, instagram & just setup a twitter account. I know that it all takes time but as I sais if you could give us some advice on giveawys it would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you,
      Gary & Pamela

      • myboo101

        There are a few giveaways that have worked for my authors in the past, mostly having a downloadable coloring or activity book on your website that can be downloaded or printed at a reduced cost to color. In the back of the coloring or activity book you can have a link back to your website to order the full color version.

  4. Kay

    This is fantastic advice. It makes me think of ways I can even market some of my other projects. Giving away a book with a stuffed animal is a great package deal. As a kid I would have loved something like that myself. Social media is definitely an avenue, but it can be hard to promote if you don’t know how. I think using Amazon, Goodreads or Listia to host your book and then promote that on social media would be a great idea. Thanks so much for these ideas!


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