Toby Mikle

Children's Book Illustrator

When I was 14, my English teacher asked me to create a childrens book for a story she had written about a bear. Everyone loved the book so much that I wanted to create more. I soon created books for other teachers and friends. Hello, my name is Toby Mikle and I have been a professional children's book illustrator for the past 16 years.

While in the Air Force I was commissioned to paint several squadron murals. Shortly after serving I went to a local art school and learned everything that I needed to know to create children's books. I was excited to learn about Typography, Printing, Layout, Computer Design and all of the software used in book design. I graduated my little college with honors and was asked to come back as a guest speaker on several occasions.

After art school I worked at a production company in the city. There I learned all about art direction and project management firsthand. I was always interested in bringing artwork directly to the printers for small and large jobs so that I could see how books were printed and how the various print machines operated.

When I had enough orders of my own to start off on my children's book illustration business, I quit the production company and started Illustrating books full time. This has been my life for the past 16 years and I have Illustrated over 500 books to date.

My favorite part about the process is actually taking someones dream and making it a reality. With the step-by-step design of children's books from concept sketch to final illustration, I keep the author and their vision in focus.

I cannot wait to see what the future has to offer. I continue to improve my design skills and never stop learning. I can now create E-books and hope that I will be designing books well into the future and on mediums not yet imagined.

A picture of me and my son Luke, reading books in the grass on our family vacation to south dakota taken in 2012 at custer

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