A Book Cover Sketch and Illustration for a book about a Gerbil that sneaks his way through Japan by hiding in a girls backpack. In the story (pictured below) a family’s pet gerbil manages to sneak into the family’s luggage and travel with them on their extended vacation in Japan. He travels around the country with the girls in their backpack learning about the culture and sights around Japan. I created the illustrations for this book and the book cover in Adobe Photoshop and once the sketches were approved I created the final artwork in Adobe Illustrator.


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  1. Carrie

    What a fun story. Fantastic illustrations. I love how much personality the gerbil has in these illustrations and how much movement and action seems to be going on. Thank you for sharing your process.

  2. Elle

    Anthropomorphized animals still all the rage in children’s books, I see. You really have a talent for expressing human emotions on animal faces. How did you set up the transition at the top, where it slides back and forth between sketch and colour?

    • myboo101

      Thank you! I created the book cover sketch and the color illustration in exactly the same position at the same size and put them in a wordpress slider.

  3. Kelly

    What a cute and funny story! Love the illustrations!! They match the story perfectly and are very detailed!! 🙂


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