Congratulations! You have self-published your children’s book. The next and most important step is how to promote it. Kids are loyal readers but might be difficult to interest them at the initial stage. This article will tell you the tips and avenues that can help you promote your book.

  • Facebook Page ~ Just about everybody is on Facebook and you can create a page about anything FOR FREE. Not only are posts visible to friends and family but they can also be shared and you have the potential to reach friends of friends of friends and so on even without the paid adverting. There is paid advertising for those of you who wish to go that route and Facebook has settings within their advertising section allowing you to only show your ad to those people you have chosen.
  • Book-mart ~ A Writers’ or an Illustrator’s market is a platform where you can get a list of publishers and their contacts. This is a page that gives advice on how to promote your books and make them a bestseller. Get books, journals or digests on ways to promote you children’s books. can also provide you with necessary illustrations and some advice on how to write books that are appealing to children.
  • Readings ~ Read your books in a local children’s library near you or probably donate books to schools. You can leave your books in all places children usually visit.
  • Reviews ~ Another way to help make your children’s books a bestseller is when people post positive reviews about your books, in fact, it’s a great promotion tool for your books. Send requests to all sites and blogs, be it big or small, for reviews, interviews or even giveaways. It will help you greatly.
  • Podcast and trailer ~ A trailer helps to promote books very well. A podcast is a remedy for children who seem too lazy to read.
  • Script ~ Generally, scriptwriting is considered different from a novel. Most famous books are made into movies, soaps and radio shows. However, you can use this means to promote your books the firs
    t time to gain fame. TV and Radio presenters accept manuscripts; though it may be difficult to gain access to them in the first place. Most scriptwriting auditions are open to all amateur writers. Ensure to participate in most of these contests, because children like watching television, and who knows, they may fall in love with your book.
  • Testimonials ~ Testimonials by famous and notable personalities can help promote your books and as well make them a bestseller.
  • Press release ~ This is a great way to make children know that your book is now on sale. Although, this means works better for books made for the older audience. Make an announcement of the release of your book in children’s newspapers or magazines. This may cost you money, but will yield a good return. Alternatively, you could choose to become a writer for a children’s magazine or organize interviews at intervals to promote your book.
  • Print media ~ Flyers, posters, banners and the likes could be used to promote your book; the cost of printing might be costly but could be effective as well, especially
    where children are involved.
  • Website Advertisement ~ Advertising your book on a website like which has similar contents featured in your children’s book will help promote your book and boost your sales eventually. 11) Get involved in children’s book catalogs.
  • Awards ~ Website awards or literary awards can help promote your books. This is hard to come by as literary awards have stern criteria for selection. Many librarians prefer to go for books that are award winners. is an award winning site for children’s book. Come advertise your books on our website. This will also give your book more exposure.
  • Make librarians your friend ~ Most children are in the habit of reading books available only in their libraries. School library is the entrance to the world of books for most kids below age 12. Ensure your books are stocked in a local school and public libraries. Children don’t have much to spend on books but if they like one of your free books, it’s most likely they will buy others.
  • Create a coloring book ~ Coloring books are more popular than ever! It may be just a few extra steps to get a version of your book in coloring book form as well by knocking out the colors. You can give this away from your website as a PDF with your website listed on the bottom of each page or you can sell it in printed form. No matter what you choose to do with your coloring book it is a neat way to engage and relate to your audience.

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5 Responses

  1. Kelly

    Thank you for the awesome tips on how to publish a children’s book. They are really helpful, and shows that you know what you’re doing. I love your drawings and children’s pictures as well. They are really fun and beautiful.

  2. Anansi

    Wow! This article was very informative. I have been thinking about different promotional stuff for various products I promote and this article was right on time. Podcast seem to be the best out of all the forms of promotion that I plan on using. I would suggest that everybody start their own podcast. Podcasting isn’t just for the rich and famous, but for everyone! I have several that I listen to on a daily from entrepreneur’s that I try to model in my own way. Facebook comes in a close second because if your trying to pitch or get positive reviews for your products its no better way than to have friends and family provide some awesome tutorials for you. When was the last time you bought something due to the fact that the product or service had a 4 out of 5 rating from “satisfied customers”?

  3. MBaker

    Many children’s book authors I’ve worked with are self-published. Some are very successful, while some are struggling to get their books out there. You have listed valuable tips that could help authors get the exposure they need. Authors may not have the resources to do all these things, but at least they know they have options. I think it’s necessary now more than ever to have a social media presence. They can start with Facebook then try to move to other creative spaces. They can choose what they think would work for them.

  4. Jennifer Houst

    Wonderful tips, and I’d say the one that’s worked best from experience would be getting reviews on your book, not only are you of course getting customer feedback, but that feedback is being advertised to their audience and so on and so forth, it’s a nice little chain or link to get your book some exposure.

  5. Kay

    These are so many great ideas. I’m definitely going to check out my book illustrator’s website. I’m looking for as many tips as possible on promoting children’s books. My friend and I wrote a children’s book together, but we never put it out. There are so many ideas that came to mind after reading this post. I also definitely want to have a coloring book version available on our website where we will sell the book. We all love freebies!


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